About Us

The Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association (PAPPA)

was chartered in 1984 as the thirty-eighth chapter of NIGP under the name of the Delaware Valley Chapter. In 1999 the chapter officially changed its name to the Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association and has a membership base that geographically extends throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Members are affiliated with purchasing at various levels of government, including State, City, County, Township, School Districts, State Police, Housing Authorities and Sewer Authorities. Within the Chapter, there are several co-operative purchasing groups as well.

The purpose of the Pennsylvania Public Purchasing Association is to develop and promote an ethical, efficient and effective group of Public Purchasing Officials.

To achieve this goal, the Chapter offers various educational seminars, workshops, certification programs, and regularly distributes useful information to the membership so that all have the opportunity to be informed of current issues, problems and solutions in the public procurement field.


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